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Radio Match Photo Page

Mayor LaGuardia making Arnold Denker's fist move on the demonstration board.











Kenneth Harkness (left)
Irving Chernev (right)
in the balcony of the
Henry Hudson Hotel








The ballroom of the Henry Hudson Hotel filled with paying spectators.










The audience was as diverse as it was large.






The American Society for Russian Relief was a private, non-profit charitable organization. It had previously been known as the Russian War Relief Fund. It was thought by many to have been a front for Communist activists.

Along with Chess Review, the American Society for Russian Relief helped sponsor the Radio Match.






Reuben Fine giving his four-board blindfold demonstration at the conclusion of the match. Tellers moved the white pieces for Fine. His opponents, playing black, were chosen at random from the audience. Arnold Denker, standing, announced the moves.





Denker, Kashdan, Fine and Dr. Walter Cruz sharing a meal.
Dr. Cruz, one-time champion of Brazil served as a neutral referee for the match.







I. A. Horowitz makes his move. Frank J. Marshall, Jr., (working as one of the tellers) copying down the move, sits in front of a Uedemann board.











Carrie Marshall presented citations to all the American players.
Albert Pinkus, who went undefeated (2 draws), accepts his.









Pavel P. Mikhailov, Acting Consul General of the USSR in New York accepts a commemorative plaque from Maurice Wertheim. Grace Moore of the Metropolitan Opera looks on.








Salo Flohr, making his move in Moscow.